Home Insurance

Home insurance does more than cover the big claims like fire, wind or hail damage. A good homeowners insurance policy is also packed with many other benefits that make it a powerful tool for you – protecting your home both inside and out. Crossroads Insurance helps you find the best coverage options, premium rates and discounts for your home by tapping into our network of top-rated insurance carriers. We’ll show you the options, discuss areas you can save money and even point you in the right direction on creating a current home inventory.

As with all of our insurance products, if you ever have to file a home insurance claim, Crossroads Insurance has your back. We’ll help you compile the information necessary, submit your claim to the insurance company, then continue to follow up on it until your claims are closed and you’ve been paid.

What are four parts should you look for in a home insurance policy?

A good home insurance policy covers these four areas: physical structure, your personal belongings, temporary living expenses, and liability protection. Liability protection is automatically included in your policy – but you do have some flexibility on exactly what you insure and how much it will cover. You also have the choice to add on some additional coverages if you choose for minimal cost. Many people add on coverage for jewelry – insuring their wedding bands or other valuable items, while some protect themselves from big-ticket repairs around the house with equipment breakdown insurance

How do I bring my home insurance premiums down?

There are a lot of ways to save money on your home insurance. Insurance both home and auto with the same insurance company will save you quite a few dollars. Discounts are also offered for seniors, those with newly constructed homes, homes with new roofs and more. We recommend steering clear of the cheapest home insurance policy you can find, however. Low-cost insurance is usually low cost for a reason – which often leads to a long list of exclusions and excuses an insurance company won’t pay your claim.

Why do I need to do a home inventory?

Home inventories aren’t required by insurance companies, but they are a great way to expedite your claims. If you have a current home inventory on file, this will go a long way in helping move your claim along. Fortunately, technology makes this a relatively easy task to cross off your list. Two of our favorite home inventory apps are Sortly™ and MyHOME Scr.APP.book. Both are free and available on iPhone and Android.

Get free home insurance quotes from multiple carriers to see how much money you can save.