Agriculture Workers Compensation Insurance

If you have employees on your farm or in your ag business, one of the best investments you can make is to purchase workers compensation insurance. Without it, an accident on the job can end up costing your business tens of thousands of dollars. Crossroads Insurance offers an agriculture workers compensation insurance program that is designed specifically for your farm or agriculture operation.

Unfortunately, workers compensation insurance can be one of the highest insurance costs your farm or business takes on if you’re not careful. That’s where Crossroads Insurance comes in. Not only do we have years of experience helping farms and ag operations find the right insurance products, but we also know how to help you manage risks, set up safety programs and make your business thrive. To help you avoid premiums that can rise and fall without any warning, we’ll help you carefully monitor your policy and help you identify areas that can affect your workers compensation premiums. We’ll even help you educate employees on how you can lower your risk with practical everyday solutions.

How does Crossroads Insurance help manage my workers comp premiums?

The biggest reason workers comp premiums can rise is claims. A typical workers comp claim can affect your premium for three years following the claim. So the easiest way to keep your premiums from going up is to avoid or minimize claims – something Crossroads Insurance can help you do. Some other areas that Crossroads looks at to help you understand and manage your current and future premiums include:

  • Total money paid out in claims
  • Losses by cause and nature of injury
  • Expected vs actual loss ratio
  • Risk management policies currently in place
  • Areas you can improve and control future losses
  • Your “Return to Work” program
  • How you compare to industry benchmarks

What does workers compensation insurance cover?

Any hospital and medical expenses that are needed to diagnose and treat a job-related illness or injury are covered by workers compensation insurance. Workers Comp will also provide disability payments to employees should they be unable to return to work immediately. This is typically about two-thirds of your employee’s regular salary.

Manage your risk and claims with an agriculture workers comp program. Call us today.